Summer Playlist

1.Summer - Calvin Harris
2. Riptide - Vance Joy
3. Afterglow - The Crookes
4. Golden - Parade of Lights
5. Undercover Martyn - 2 Door Cinema Club
6. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
7.Oceans - Coasts
8.Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys
9.Gimme Twice - The Concept
10.Dreaming - Smallpools
11. Out of My League - Fitz & the Tantrums
12.Breakers -Local Natives
13.Flaws - Bastille
14.Pumpin Blood - NONONO


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The Kill Order
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"You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it"

and i am done with my graceless heart

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blue lips, blue veins

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URL inspired graphic for queenabaddon 
"Right now you and I are going to talk about a regime change."

Also, if everyone could do me a favor? Please tag this as a blood trigger of some sort, that would be hella rad & much appreciated, I just want everyone to be safe! 

Want One?
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"Keep your gutter soul. It’s too tarnished, anyway."

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"These changes ain’t changing me… The gold-hearted boy I used to be”

Requested by Catrina 
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this is the way that we love,
like it's forever.
then live the rest of our lives,
but not together.
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olly olly oxen free
all the people you will never be

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...them? well, me and them, we were worlds apart.

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I waited for you.

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A good soldier, nothing else.

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